[mrtg] Re: How to sum up In & Out

Paul C. Williamson pwilliamson at mandtbank.com
Wed Mar 28 15:39:05 MEST 2001

Actually, I believe it's this:

Target[1]: OID1.interface&OID2.interface:community at ip + 
                OID1.interface&OID2.interface:community at ip

It doesn't matter if your graphing two values or graphing the arithmetic 
result of two values, it always has to be in the form first-value&second-value.
If you needed to add stuff together, it could be:

first-value&second-value + third-value&fourth-value.  This adds up the 
first and third, second and fourth, and putting the 1st+3rd in the default in or 
green value, and the 2nd+4th in the default out or blue value.
Either way, it's really a kludge to getting the value you really want.


>>> David Sawyer <david.sawyer at uk.mckhboc.com> 03/28/01 05:02AM >>>

Shoaib doesn't want to plot the percent of in to out traffic, I think he
wants to plot in plus out.

Try adding the two values together in the target.
You will have to add the expression twice (some people add a null value OID)
to satisfy the two target rule.
I've never needed to do this so I'm not too sure on the syntax, it's

Target[1]: OID1.interface + OID2.interface:public at ip & 
                OID1.interface + OID2.interface:public at ip

Target[1]: OID1.interface:public at ip + OID2.interface:public at ip &
                OID1.interface:public at ip + OID2.interface:public at ip

But I think it's the last one.


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