[mrtg] MRTG and RRDTOOL

Jason Frisvold Jason.Frisvold at corp.ptd.net
Thu Mar 29 22:24:41 MEST 2001


	I've been reading up on the documentation and the FAQs....  I want
to start using MRTG with RRDTOOL instread of the default MRTG setup.  I have
some questions regarding this, though...  I have a huge system built for
doing all the traffic graphing in our network.  It's a perl system written
using a mySQL backend and modules to determine information about what to
graph, etc.

	Here's the big question...  Obviously we needed certain info when we
use rateup to set up the graphs correctly.  In fact, most of the MRTG tags
were used for rateup (ylegend, ytics, xsize, ysize, etc)..  What are the
config variables that are used specifically for MRTG itself?  Can I pretty
much do away with most of these variables and ignore them since MRTG doesn't
need to feed them to rateup anymore?  What about stuff like title and
pagetop?  Since I'll be creating the web pages "by hand" (actually
scripted), I won't need this information to be in the MRTG config files
anymore...  Right?

	To make it even simpler...  When I specify logformat: rrdtool, what
tags will still work?

	Forgive me if this is in a FAQ somewhere..  If it is, please give me
a pointer to the FAQ so I can read up on it instead of wasting everyone's
time...  :)


Jason H. Frisvold
Senior ATM Engineer
Engineering Dept.
CCNA Certified - CSCO10151622
friz at corp.ptd.net
"It is a silly, childish discussion and only exposes the want of brains of
those who maintain a contrary opinion to that we have stated." - The Times
(London) December 26, 1799

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