[mrtg] Re: MIB files

Paul C. Williamson pwilliamson at mandtbank.com
Thu Mar 29 23:27:25 MEST 2001


If you use GetIf, you'll be able to see if you need to put a .0, .1, .2 ands
 o on...it is specified as a different instance in the bottom window.
Plus, there is someplace in there where it says if the OID expects 
an integer to complete the query.

I tend to agree with Gabrielle that using the OID is much simpler, and 
it adheres to my KISS standard by not needing to add mibs to MRTG 
just to monitor something when I should already know the OID.  I don't 
think I have a single MIB loaded, plus I believe it adds to the overhead 
of running MRTG.  I like it clean and fast, and by adding an additional 
layer of logic to mrtg, you are most likely adding processor cycles and 
all that other stuff than can be much better utilized by collecting more 

You know it's bad when you can state from memory that the tree starts


>>> Keith Olmstead <kolmstea at centurytel.net> 03/29/01 04:06PM >>>

I think I might have found out my problem.  After doing some more digging,I
  found on deja.com that if you add .0 at the end of your OID it will 
work.  I did that I stopped getting the snmpget error that I was previouslyg

My problem was the when I did snmpget on the specific oid it did not findi
 t, did not know what it was.  Even an snmpwalk did not find the OIDs thatI
  got from GetIF.  So I assumed that my Unix box just did not know what thes
 pecific OID that I was looking for was.  So I found the "LoadMIB" commandt
 o load the MIB files that I got for the Cache Engine.

I will try your suggestion below.  I do know the specific OIDs that I wanta
 nd I might make a txt file with them in and just use that instead of theM
 IB files that I got from Cisco.

Question though.  How did by adding the ".0" at the end of my OID fix my 


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