[mrtg] Re: [rrd-users] Re: Ok, Thresholds and mailing --just noticed something

Josh Goldfarb jgoldfarb at KodiakComputer.com
Fri May 4 02:40:38 MEST 2001

OK now here is a really weird thing that goes on with my threshold
script in MRTG. When I put the thresholds in and then run MRTG I can no
longer pull up my .cgi file for RRDTOOL. It doesn't show at all.
Sometimes it asks me if I want to save it or open it. OH btw, I am on
win2k server.  
I know a lot of people run thresholds so I would appreciate some
feedback on what people think about.

But if I comment out the threshold lines.. and then run mrtg again.. My
.cgi file appears just fine.

So just what do u guys.?  Thanks.

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For the rrdusers.. I would really appreciate some help on this one
With this original message i tried to update the information and
realized with RRDTOOL with the thresholds in there it was confused and
wasn't updating them so i commented them out and that didn't work so i
had to reboot the management console box
any Ideas


		Ok now is my turn again for thresholds.. this time I
will paste a little piece of config file.
		Target[UnionDC-atworkInternets1]: #Et2/0:monitor @
x.x.24.1: <mailto:#Et2/0:monitor @ x.x.24.1:> 
		MaxBytes[UnionDC-atworkInternets1]: 193000
		ThreshMinI[UnionDC-atworkInternets1]: 12000
		# upper limit you don't want to be crossed for INPUT
		ThreshMaxI[UnionDC-atworkInternets1]: 17200
		# prog to run when any of the two limits is crossed
		ThreshProgI[UnionDC-atworkInternets1]: threshold.bat
		# lower limit you don't want to be crossed for OUTPUT
		ThreshMinO[UnionDC-atworkInternets1]: 12000
		# upper limit you don't want to be crossed for OUTPUT
		ThreshMaxO[UnionDC-atworkInternets1]: 17200
		# prog to run when any of the two limits is crossed
		ThreshProgO[UnionDC-atworkInternets1]: threshold.bat
		#That may be enough, but you can define a variable that
can describe better the problem (optional)
		ThreshDesc[UnionDC-atworkInternets1]: "Alert with
		#Now you can see the .bat files
		Title[UnionDC-atworkInternets1]: UnionDC - @home
Internet Router Serial2/0
		PageTop[UnionDC-atworkInternets1]: <H1>UnionDC - @home
Internet Router Serial2/0</H1>
		   <TR><TD>Max Speed:</TD>  <TD>193.0 kBytes/s</TD></TR>
		Now in the batch file.. as you can see I named it
"threshold.bat"   and it basically says
		Now >> threshold.txt    "just trying to output to a file
first" but if anyone can help me with email option instead of output
Option i would greatly appreciate it
		Also if you are wondering I am running the batch file
from c:\mrtg\bin   that is where .cfg file is as well
		P.S  I would like to thanks JB for getting me started
with thresholds

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