[mrtg] Re: monitoring port 1352

James H. Page jpage at telcordia.com
Tue May 8 22:20:02 MEST 2001

solaris has a command called "mconnect" that may do what you are looking

see partial man page below

might need to use a "here document" structure in a shell script to send an
EOF to break

also sending a port # of 80 is a quick and dirty way to see if a WWW server
is listening on port 80

jim page


        mconnect - connect to SMTP mail server socket

        mconnect [ -p port ] [ -r ] [ hostname ]

        mconnect opens a connection to the mail server  on  a  given
        host,  so  that  it can be tested independently of all other
        mail software.  If no host is given, the connection is  made
        to  the local host.  Servers expect to speak the Simple Mail
        Transfer Protocol (SMTP) on this connection.  Exit by typing
        the  quit  command.   Typing EOF sends an end of file to the
        server.  An interrupt closes the connection immediately  and


>This sounds like you just need to make sure that a port is up and running
> remotely.   In other words, make sure that lotus notes server has port
> up and it is accepting connections.   This is a reasonable way to cheaply
> make sure that notes is working.

> I personally would not use mrtg for this, as these are not SNMP things
> are checking and mrtg is better at snmp polling and graphing.

> If you have a little money, IPMonitor can do this for you
> http://www.mediahouse.com/ipmonitor/ . other vendor products can also do
> this.

> if not, and you have programming skills, write a perl or c code that will
> open a client socket connections to port xxxx, and report back if the
> connection is accepted, sending an alert to your alert management system.

> Don Mahler
> Telcordia


> > I have check several web sites and ask around my area if anyone knows
> > or knows if anyone else has tried this.
> >I want to monitor the Notes mail port 1352, port 25 simple mail transfer
>> protocol, and port 80 the web traffic port.
>> If  it is even possible by using MRTG I would appreciate  any info you
> >could give me.
> >
> >Thanks
> >Frank BCI NOC
> >Borden Chemical
> >614-225-2271

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