[mrtg] Re: Not getting monthly and annual graphs (RRD question)

Dan Colquhoun dcolquho at opentext.com
Mon May 14 18:13:16 MEST 2001

Can you please explain how I'm storing only 6 days worth of data in
half-hour intervals?  I think this is what I'm not understanding.  If I have
336 half-hour average sample points, that's 168 hours total, which is 7
days.  How do you get 6?  In the tutorial it says "the most recent data will
be near "now" and therefore we will need to keep more data than MRTG does."
This (and the preceding explanation in the tutorial) doesn't quite make
sense to me, and I suspect is the cause of my difference.

Also, how can I make sure the correct RRA is being used for each graph?
Right now I have my monthly graph using daily average values as opposed to
the half hour values I want it to use.

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Dan Colquhoun wrote:

> been through the rather thin tutorial on creating RRD databases and am

Suggestions welcome ...

> puzzled by the need to store more samples than (I think) needed in an RRA
> (both the need and the explanation).  I'm guessing this may be the source
> my problem.  Here's some of the perl script I'm using to create the
> and graphs.
>                 "RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:60:336",
store 336 rows of 30*60 seconds each, total of 6 days at 30-minute

>                 "RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:240:336",
store 336 rows of 30*240 seconds each, total of 24 days at 2-hour

>                 "RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:2880:336",
store 336 rows of 30*2880 seconds each, total of 336 days at 1-day

This means you can graph upto 336 days, at 24 hours per sample point.
If you need to graph in a better resolution, you can graph less time.
At the finest resolution you can only graph from (now-1h) to (now).

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