[mrtg] Re: Spikes in MRTG graphs and logs...

Schuyler Bishop SBishop at e-xpedient.com
Wed May 23 16:37:09 MEST 2001

Sorry... forgot to add the line right ABOVE the "relevant" (which wasn't
correctly relevant, apparantly) config:

### Interface 6 >> Descr: 'POS3/0/0.500' | Name: 'PO3/0/0.500' | Ip:
'' | Eth: '' ###

Additionally, this happens on almost every router I monitor with old-style
configs.  It hasn't yet happened with new-style configs on the SAME routers.
I should also mention that I'm using gd-1.8.1, libpng-1.0.6, zlib 1.1.3 and
perl 5.005_03 on Solaris 7 with MRTG 2.9.12a.

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Schuyler Bishop wrote:
> Per request, here are the relevant codes with appropriate removals of
> private info.  :)  Note that the IPs have been changed to protect the
> innocent.

Sure.  I even removed more and see just one real difference.  The
option line looks different but isn't (in this case). All other
lines were just textual differences (if at all different).

> Old config: (2.8.12)
> Target[]: 6:public at

> New Config: (2.9.12a)
> Target[]: / at

What should happen is that MRTG browses the MIB for an interface
with this IP address, and use the aquired interface number to get
the statistics.

The question that comes to mind right away:  Is the interface number
for the interface with IP address indeed 6 at the moment,
in other words: could it have changed over time (due to a reboot or so).

Even if the traffic looks more or less the same, it may be that you
are monitoring a different interface ?

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