[mrtg] Re: [rrd-users] Divide Values by ten

Paul C. Williamson pwilliamson at mandtbank.com
Thu May 24 17:32:54 MEST 2001


Please RTFM...you should know this one...

put a / 10 after the target ip address and you will have the right answer...


>>> "Josh Goldfarb" <jgoldfarb at KodiakComputer.com> 05/24/01 11:18AM >>>

Just curious if this can be done in MRTG. For instance,  
As you know, electrical current is measured in amps.  Depending upon
which phase you look at, we are actually using between 20 and 60 amps.
However, MRTG shows that we are using from 200 to 600 amps.  The MRTG
values are the correct ones, but multiplied by 10.  So, what needs to be
done is for you to tell MRTG to divide the values by 10 before it graphs
Is that possible in MRTG or is RRDTOOL the solution for this problem
below is a snipIT from my config file!
1.1:public at 
<mailto: at> 
MaxBytes[Kodiak_Load]: 7500
Title[Kodiak_Load]: Phase 1/2 Output Load 
PageTop[Kodiak_Load]: <H1>Phase 1/2 Output Load</H1> 
Options[Kodiak_Load]: gauge, nopercent, absolute
Unscaled[Kodiak_Load]: dwmy
#Supress[[Kodiak_Load]: dwmy
XSize[Kodiak_Load]: 400
YSize[Kodiak_Load]: 100
YLegend[Kodiak_Load]: Output Load
ShortLegend[Kodiak_Load]: kVA
LegendI[Kodiak_Load]: Output Load &nbsp; 
Thanks in advance

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