[mrtg] Re: 3Com Switch SNMP

Trent Melcher tmelcher at trilogytel.com
Thu Nov 8 21:12:15 MET 2001

Then you should be able to run mrtg's cfgmaker community at switch and get a
valid config for it.

Trent Melcher
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  snmpwalk a switch?  Sure can.

  Trent Melcher wrote:

can you snmpwalk to switch???   Make sure you setup an IP address for
yourswitch under ip/interface.   Also check your community strings
undersnmp/community.Trent MelcherNetwork/System AdministratorStartouch
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[mrtg] Re: 3Com Switch SNMPI have a superstack II 1100 and always the answer
when I´m trying t
o buildthe file with cfgmaker is "SNMP Error: no response from the
device"Any help?-----Mensaje original-----De: mrtg-bounce at list.ee.ethz.ch
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Wednesday 7 de November de 2001 6:03 PMPara: Rafael GomezCC:
mrtg at list.ee.ethz.chAsunto: [mrtg] Re: 3Com Switch SNMPActually I'm
monitoring several.  We're primarily a Cisco shop howeverthe 3Com Switches
seem to be working fine.We have a few 3300's around.  If I recall we had to
set a trapdestination before the 3Com allowed MRTG to poll any snmp
data.Might want to check that first.   Usually if you can't perform
ansnmpwalk it's been a problem on t
he managed device (in my experience atleast).RegardsFrank CarreiroRafael
Gomez wrote:
I´ve been trying to monitor a 3Com switch with MRTG and has been
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