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Tue Nov 27 09:20:02 MET 2001

Hello,ladies and gentlemen:
I have three questions and hope that you will help me.

1. In the mrtg's logfile, are the values of columns "outgoing bytes counter" and "incoming bytes counter" gathered from the following MIB
 variables defined in SNMP_util.pm :
 'ifInOctets' => ''
 'ifOutOctets' => ''?

2. If the answer to the first question is yes, why the value I got using snmpget function in
 SNMP_util.pm is a little greater than that on the logfile at the same time?

3. From the second line on,the logfile has five columns. The 2nd and 3nd are respectively average incoming and outgoing transfer rate
 per second, while the 4th and 5th are respectively maximum incoming and outgoing transfer rate
 per second. Now I have two sub questions:
  a.  If I invoke mrtg every 5 minutes in my unix crontab, did the 2nd (or 3nd) column come from the following way:
      at 9:00 o'clock, mrtg got ifInOctets1( or ifOutOctets1); at 9:05 o'clock, mrtg got ifInOctets2( or ifOutOctets2);then,
      value of 2nd column at 9:05 o'clock = (ifInOctets2-ifInOctets1)/(5*60) (bytes/s)
      value of 3nd column at 9:05 o'clock = (OutInOctets2-OutInOctets1)/(5*60) (bytes/s)
  b.  How to get the value of the 4th and 5th column?
Thanks a lot.
Best regards.
                                                     Jim Zhou  
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