[mrtg] How many concurrent users on 3COM hipearc TC?

Lewis Bergman lbergman at abi.tconline.net
Tue Nov 27 17:25:36 MET 2001

I have been playing with this for several days and have gotten nowhere.
I have tried a couple of things from the example dir that came with the tar. 
It called an external perl script to gather data. I got a lot of errors 
involving "strict mode" and I couldn't seem to find much about that in the 
archives or docs. I have also tried 3Coms T1H.MIB which has an OID for this.

My latest attempt is with a config from http://www.somix.com/software/mrtg/
that used OID's. That returns this error:

monitor:~# mrtg /etc/mrtg.cfg
Daemonizing MRTG ...
monitor:~# SNMP Error:
Received SNMP response with error code
  error status: noSuchName
  index 1 (OID:
SNMPv1_Session (remote host: "" [].161)
                  community: "public"
                 request ID: 1166888729
                PDU bufsize: 8000 bytes
                    timeout: 2s
                    retries: 5
                    backoff: 1)
 at /usr/lib/perl5/5.005/SNMP_util.pm line 450
SNMPGET Problem for 
sysUptime sysName on public at
 at /usr/bin/mrtg line 1485
WARNING: Expected a number but got ''
WARNING: Expected a number but got ''

The config for this follows:
# This Report File Template measures Concurrent Modem Users
# on a 3Com HiPer Arc
# Example CFGNAME: [DEVICE NAME]-hiper_arc_concurrent_users
Target[3ComTC]: at
MaxBytes[3ComTC]: 96
Title[3ComTC]: 3Com Total Control
PageTop[3ComTC]: <H1>3Com Total Control</H1>
Options[3ComTC]: gauge, unknaszero
YLegend[3ComTC]: Modem Users
ShortLegend[3ComTC]: users
Colours[3ComTC]: GREEN#00eb0c,BLUE#0000ff,GRAY#AAAAAA,VIOLET#ff00ff
Legend1[3ComTC]: Concurrent Modem Users
Legend2[3ComTC]: .
Legend3[3ComTC]: Max value per interval on graph
Legend4[3ComTC]: .
LegendI[3ComTC]: Users:&nbsp;
LegendO[3ComTC]: .
WithPeak[3ComTC]: ymw
# The following information allows you to perform some task(s)
# whenever a minimum of maximum threshold has been breached
# In order to activate this features, simply remove the # from the
# lines below.
# ThreshProgI[$CFGNAME]: BATCHLOCthreshold_in.bat
# ThreshProgOKI[$CFGNAME]: BATCHLOCthreshold_oki.bat
# ThreshProgO[$CFGNAME]: BATCHLOCthreshold_out.bat
# ThreshProgOKO[$CFGNAME]: BATCHLOCthreshold_oko.bat

If I run this OID from snmpget it appears that it isn't the correct one.
monitor:~# snmpget public
system.sysUpTime. = Timeticks: (95702433) 11 days, 

When I run the mib from snmpget I get this:
monitor:~# snmpget -m /mibs/T1H.MIB public t1hStatCallsConn
Error in packet
Reason: (noSuchName) There is no such variable name in this MIB.
Failed object: 

If you are still reading, has anyone done this and if so could you please 
give me some pointers.?

Lewis Bergman
Texas Communications
4309 Maple St.
Abilene, TX 79602-8044

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