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CARL.P.HIRSCH at sargentlundy.com CARL.P.HIRSCH at sargentlundy.com
Thu Oct 11 17:54:35 MEST 2001

I guess I'm primarily looking for a way to save time. I'm currently using
MRTG to pull statistics for something like 400 interfaces. If I wanted to
get really creative I suppose I could write a script to search for
"MaxSpeed:", multiply the "kBytes" value by 8, and then replace the
"1250kBytes" with "10 Mbits", etc.

It's just a shame that entering the "bits" config change the kBytes in
"MaxSpeed" as well. Either way, I'm having a blast digging deeper into
MRTG's capabilities.


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Why would you want to globally change something that is
not a global type option?  Manually editing the config is when
using MRTG gets REALLY interesting.  Monitoring In and Out is
ok, but doing stuff like reading the errors on a link and mapping it
into a logarithmic function to fill a custom png based on what MRTG
is getting is just uncovering where the real power in MRTG lie.


>>> <CARL.P.HIRSCH at sargentlundy.com> 10/11/01 11:05AM >>>

Multiply by 8. 193,000 bytes = 1,544,000 bits = 1.54 Mbits.

It confused me at first (and the management types I was showing it off
to!), but so far the only way I've heard or found to change the kBytes
figure to Mbits/kbits in the "MaxSpeed" field is to manually edit the
config file.

I'd love to hear ideas from folks as to a global config hook to change this

-carl hirsch
network analyst
sargent & lundy llc

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