[mrtg] Re: Monitor multiple IPs on one physical eth card?

Paul C. Williamson pwilliamson at mandtbank.com
Tue Oct 16 16:19:35 MEST 2001

I can understand how things got blow out of proportion.  

The suggestion about finding another list could probably 
interpreted many ways.  I don't think Alex meant you should 
go find a list for morons.  There are other people who suggest 
that occasionally, but I've not seen so much as an RTFM 
from Alex.  

This will be the last post on the subject.  If I see another post 
to the list about this, that user will be put in a MODERATED mode.

I had thought about doing that with you, but I think that once 
we all back up and look at the situation, it was an isolated 

Also, when things are p-mailed, it is generally accepted that 
the p-mail is not copied back to the list.  If you had done this 
in the first place (and in subsequent e-mails as well), this 
problem may have been a little less messy.


>>> "Jeffrey A. Croft" <jcroft at isdlab.com> 10/16/01 10:08AM >>>

I have appologized to the list, and I will happily to do so again. I
should not have behaved in the way I did. I was just very frustrated to 
see such an insulting response to my first posting on what I expected
would be and helpful list. I am sorry for my language. 

I am also sorry that I did not word my posting very well. I was simply
trying to figure out what the best way to seperatley monitor traffic on
two IPs that are on the same Ethernet card. I am not a networking expert,
and I do no claim to be. However, I am far from ignorant, as well.

But that is beside the point. Even if I WAS ignorant, you guys really
ought to consider being a little gentler with the people that don't yet
know what they are doing. How do you expect MRTG to grow and such without
a postive atmosphere from its user base?

I'd like to thank Trent Melcher for deciphering my poorly written email
and providing me with a very complete answer. I did thank Alex for his
help, as he WAS quite helpful in his original post. It was the subsequent
"find another list" comment that got me going.

If I should "find another list" because I'm not an expert, then maybe you,
or someone here, can direct me to the list for morons? I didn't see it
listed on the MRTG homepage.

Once again, I am sorry for my language.

Thanks for understanding,

Jeff Croft
Industry Standard Design Lab, LLC

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