[mrtg] Re: Backup Script

Dhiran Rajbhandari dhiren at atcnet.com.np
Wed Sep 5 09:26:27 MEST 2001

         I am sending my backup script to you. This is based on 
configuration file where you can define any directory name and any files 
and the script will take backup of files that has been specified in 
configuration file. But to suite your need you have to alter the script. 
Actually I have designed the script take the backup of my mail server to 
the CD-RW in tar.gz format. So, just mark out the lines in script which is 
related to CD-RW and define the files in conf files that you want the 
backup and than finally put the script in crontab so that it can run in 
daily basis. I hope this will help you../
Please let me know if this is useful to you or not../


At 12:13 PM 9/5/2001 +0800, you wrote:

>Hi Guys,
>do you know of any script that can do backup of mrtg graphs on a daily basis.
>thanks and regards,
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