[mrtg] Re: Problem with MRTG-2.9.17 for inactive devices

Mike Koch Mike.Koch at etsi.fr
Mon Sep 17 10:54:40 MEST 2001

Are you sure that your device is down when returning 1 ? Because, for a
router, a only 1% CPU utilisation when up is very possible. If it's down,
then, in the log file, values should be 0 if you have "unknaszero" option.

Could you post the beginning of your log file ?
Another thing: when launching mrtg, use the --logging=filename.log and see
what is in the .log file. If a device is down and not responding, there will
be a trace in the log file with date/time.

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Hi Mike,

I have already used the option "unknaszero", but it seems not to help.

Here is my config:

WorkDir: d:\programme\www\cpu


#Processor Utilization Monitoring - Router1
Target[Router1.cpu]: at Router1
RouterUptime[Router1.cpu]: public at Router1
MaxBytes[Router1.cpu]: 100
Title[Router1.cpu]: Processor Utilization for Router1 (RSP1)
PageTop[Router1.cpu]: <H1>Processor Utilization for Router1 <BR>Type
Unscaled[Router1.cpu]: y
ShortLegend[Router1.cpu]: %
XSize[Router1.cpu]: 380
YSize[Router1.cpu]: 100
YLegend[Router1.cpu]: Processor Util
Legend1[Router1.cpu]: CPU-Utilization Average 1min
Legend2[Router1.cpu]: CPU-Utilization Average 5min
LegendO[Router1.cpu]: &nbsp;CPU-Average 5min
LegendI[Router1.cpu]: &nbsp;CPU-Average 1min
Options[Router1.cpu]: gauge, growright, unknaszero, nopercent
WithPeak[Router1.cpu]: wmy

I am working with WinNT4/SP5.

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Subject: [mrtg] Re: Problem with MRTG-2.9.17 for inactive devices

> Hi,
> Seems like you should use the Options[...]: unknaszero
> Here is its meaning:
> Log unknown data as zero instead of the default behaviour of repeating the
> last value seen. Be careful with this, often a flat line in the graph is
> much more obvious than a line at 0.
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> From: Christoph Wagner [mailto:christoph-w at gmx.at]
> Sent: lundi 17 septembre 2001 08:42
> To: MRTG-Users
> Subject: [mrtg] Problem with MRTG-2.9.17 for inactive devices
> Hi,
> I have updated from MRTG 2.9.7 to 2.9.17 and now I get incorrect values
> CPU utilization of a devices which is down (should always be zero).
> I should get an invalid value or zero but I get always "1" in the .log and
> in the
> graph.
> 1.) Anybody who knows what is wrong?
> 2.) The best would be to see a graph which is in another color or
> like
> this if the variable was not reachable. Anybody who knows how to get this
> easily?
> Regards,
> Chris

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