[mrtg] Maximum number MRTG can work with?

Brander, Eric Eric.Brander at ACS-INC.com
Thu Aug 1 16:18:52 MEST 2002

I am tracking available bytes of memory on a server (several servers,
actually) but this particular one has more available memory than the
others... and MRTG doesn't seem to work with that high of a number.

A sample of a number I'm trying to record is 2442838016.  Another severer
has around 2062838016, and it works fine.  So I guess that somewhere between
those numbers is a maximum that MRTG can deal with.  Is there any
work-around I can use?  The server is NT so I am forced to get the memory
reading in bytes.  The number is being pulled from a Performance Monitor CSV
using a perl script that I got on-line.

Title[Orana_memory]:Orana Available Memory
Pagetop[Orana_memory]: <H1>Orana Available Memory</H1>
MaxBytes[Orana_memory]: 4096000000
Options[Orana_memory]: gauge, growright, nolegend
Target[Orana_memory]: `perl getlog.pl c:\perflogs\Orana.csv
"\\OranA\Memory\Available Bytes"`
YLegend[Orana_memory]: Available Memory
ShortLegend[Orana_memory]: bytes
LegendO[Orana_memory]: &nbsp;Available:&nbsp

I tried to do some math on the Target[] line like this:
Target[Orana_memory]: `perl getlog.pl c:\perflogs\Orana.csv
"\\OranA\Memory\Available Bytes"` / 1000
But it didn't work.

Any other ideas?  I'd prefer not to modify the getlog.pl if I don't have to,
but I guess I could convert the output number from bytes to kilobytes.


Eric Brander
Texas CHIP
Information Systems - Sr. Communications Engineer
Eric.Brander at acs-inc.com

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