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Greg.Volk at edwardjones.com Greg.Volk at edwardjones.com
Fri Aug 16 15:46:27 MEST 2002

What cfgmaker command line did you use to create the config files 

It sounds like your switch IPs are not in DNS. I would strongly 
suggsted that you put them in DNS and then use a cfgmaker command line 

cfgmaker --ifref=descr --ifdesc=descr --global "Options[_]: growright, 
bits" --subdirs=HOSTNAME public at router 

The above is for an IOS based box. If you have a catos based switch, 
you will be better off changing '--ifref=descr' to '--ifref=name'.

If you can't put the switch/router IPs in DNS, then define them in your 
MRTG machine's /etc/hosts, or \winnt\system32\etc\hosts file. Trying to 
reference this stuff just by IPs is a mess (IMHO).

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}Hi all, dumb question...
}I used cfgmaker to create my Cisco monitoring graphs and they have been
}running for a few days, in the meantime I have been playing 
}with creating
}custom .cfg files and now I want to change the names of the 
}graphs from the
} etc.. to something more descriptive.  When 
}I try to do
}this, and rename all the files appropriately I still get empty 
}graphs even
}though the logfile name is correct and the data is still in 
}it.  Is there
}something more I need to do?  
}Thanks in advance.
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