[mrtg] Getlog.pl

Eric VDB ericvdb500 at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 22 23:52:21 MEST 2002

Hi all,

i used the following getlog.pl file to read a .csv file created by w2k performance counter.
When i use it it returns : ERROR: Skipping webupdates because rateup did not return anything sensible

Any idea...

# getlog.pl
# Author: Paul Simmonson
# Edited to work with dot (instead of period) as an decimal symbol: Matti "maz" Kullberg
# Input:  filename of Windows 2000 Performance monitor log file (must be CSV format)
#         Name of log item to extract
#   eg. perl getlog-fixed.pl c:\perflogs\K6.csv "\\K6\LogicalDisk(C:)\% Disk Time"
# Output: mrtg data format
open STUFF or die "Cannot open $STUFF for read :$!";
@entries = <STUFF>;
@details=split /,/, @entries[0];  #get the first line of the log file
@lastline=@entries[$#entries];   #get last line of log file

#find the entry that matches $ARGV[1]
for $entry (@details) {
    @lastline[$entry]=~ s/(\"\d+)\,(\d+\")/$1\.$2/g;
    $entry=~ tr/"//d;
    chomp ($entry);
    last if $entry eq $ARGV[1];
@lastline=split/,/, @lastline[$entry];
if ($last eq $ARGV[1]) {
    $data=~ tr/"//d;
    $data = int($data+0.5);
} else {
    $data = 0;

print "0\n";
print "$data\n";
print "0\n";
print "0\n";

Greetings Eric
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