[mrtg] Re: 14all.cgi & routers.cgi very slow

bwoodcoc bwoodcoc at genuity.com
Wed Dec 18 16:48:49 MET 2002

I built my own version of looping cfgmaker to produce the configs. It is 
hardcoded to what I want monitored. For instance:

- thruput
- ifErrors and ifDiscards (In + Out for each for the two lines)
- thresholds on everything
- output file name specific for navigation tools (ie. device.ifIP)

Because I am not interested in user ports I can make the build process go 
much quicker. Tobi needs to be all things to all people with cfgmaker and 
it is a bang up script for multiple uses. But I only need to meet my needs 
so it is stripped down. It goes after the IP address table and if Cisco the 
CDP table. From this short list (especially if a switch) I pull the 
relevant interface values. This is far less than pulling the entire 
interface tables then filtering after the fact.

Maybe this is something for tobi to review for future versions of cfgmaker 
if enough find it appropriate. Although it is a different tact as a 
starting point for getting interface data. However he may be able to add 
getting the cdp table and assign filter criteria for only applying configs 
for interfaces with an IP or CDP neighbor. This would not be a more 
efficient build because his starting point for cfgmaker is still to get all 
interface data, however it may be MUCH more efficient for users who only 
want graphs on infrastructure ports (which is how this thread started).


At 08:59 AM 12/18/2002 -0600, Greg.Volk at edwardjones.com wrote:
>}Also I do
>}not collect on all interfaces, only those which either have an ip or
>}learned neighbor via cdp. This cuts down on the ports to only those
>}providing infrastructure connections.
>This is interesting criteria for selecting pollable interfaces. How
>do you specify that the interface must have a CDP neighbor? Is it
>a cfgmaker interface filter, or something more complicated?

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