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Subject: [mrtg] Re: Wrong Port #s! (CISCO)

>I could be wrong, but it appears that you are confusing port number with
>instance number.    Try adding "--ifdesc=name" on your cfgmaker line and
>if that helps to label the ports correctly.  Might need "-descint" too, but
>I'm not certain on that.


On the 2900XL, make certain you are running fairly recent code.  Early
versions had lots of snmp problems.

The reason the unused ports are not showing up is that Cisco reports the
ifSpeed as zero on autonegotiate ports before they have negotiated.  If you
either set the bandwidth statement on the cisco (e.g. bandwith 100000000)
before running config maker, or manually edit your config to set a
reasonable max-bytes value, then the un-used ports will show up.

Note: on the configmaker line, you don't need to repeat the global values
for each target.
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Subject:	[mrtg] Wrong Port #s! (CISCO)


I'm using MRTG2.9.22 and fecthing information from a CISCO 2950(24port)
and a 2900XL(12port).

On the 2950, when I retreive the port information, port 1 is indeed the
ethernet port 1, and the VLAN is on port 26

However, on the 2900XL, the VLAN is on port 1! So all ethernet ports are
phased by one! This kind of creates an inconsistency in my graphs, since
the plug #1 is no longer associated to port #1 through SNMP!

Anyway around this? Is this normal for the 2900XLs?

Another problem I'm having is despite having added --no-down and
--show-op-down, MRTG refuses to display the unused ports from the

Here is my cfgmaker command line: (switch1 is 2950, switch2 is 2900XL)
/usr/local/mrtg-2/bin/cfgmaker --no-down --show-op-down \
--global "LogDir: /var/log/mrtg" \
--global "HtmlDir: /web/mrtg.netelligent.ca" \
--global "ImageDir: /web/mrtg.netelligent.ca/image" \
--global "RunAsDaemon: Yes" \
--global "Interval: 5" --global "Refresh: 300" \
--global "Options[_]: growright, avgpeak, bits, noinfo, integer"
netel at switch1.netelligent.ca \
--no-down --show-op-down \
--global "LogDir: /var/log/mrtg" \
--global "HtmlDir: /web/mrtg.netelligent.ca" \
--global "ImageDir: /web/mrtg.netelligent.ca/image" \
--global "RunAsDaemon: Yes" \
--global "Interval: 5" --global "Refresh: 300" \
--global "Options[_]: growright, avgpeak, bits, noinfo, integer"
netel at switch2.netelligent.ca \

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