[mrtg] 95th Percentile Help/Advise

Dominic Irrcher dirrcher at colosseum.com
Fri Feb 8 18:08:41 MET 2002

hello all,

I know this is/was a much talked about issue, as i have done my best to do
my homework before resorting to this post. I have searched though the
archive posts to see if my question has already been addressed and there
exists a remedy for it, there was not.

i have attempted to use the script from sean adams, but it does not function
as my boss would like it to.

i have two mrtg systems running, one on a win2k server sp2, running
mrtg-2.9.17 and the other is a redhat 6.2 server running

the actual mrtg setup is running perfectly, there is no problems with
generating graphs or anything like that, i even have the josef wendel mrtg
totalizer (http://www.geocities.com/josef_wendel/) running on both servers
without any problems.

the problem which exists is with the 95th percentile script that i have
running (see attached). They are running, don't get me wrong, its just that
on the 95th percentile charts for the servers that i am using this script
on, the previous months (in this case jan 2002, dec 2001, etc) totals keep
changing as the totals get updated for the current month of feb 2002..

here is an example of what i am trying to explain:

taken from the windows server:
this is a printout from 02/04/2002				this is what the totals read for
server 1 usage for Jan 2002 is 3225456			server 1 usage for Jan 2002 is
server 1 usage for Feb 2002 is 1755584			server 1 usage for Feb 2002 is

the redhat server exhibits the same problems.

i would expect the totals for feb to keep changing, but the totals for jan
(or any previous months) should remain the same.

as you can see, in 1 day the totals for Jan 2002 have changed by some 33,000

if there is anyone who is willing to take a look at the attached script (its
pretty short too) and see if there a reason why this is happening, i would
be extremely grateful, as i am at a complete loss to explain this.


Dominic Irrcher
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