[mrtg] Min/Max Issue

Jeff Oliver jeff.oliver at uleth.ca
Tue Jan 8 18:06:21 MET 2002

Hi All,

I am trying to monitor a UPS (apc) with mrtg/rddtool.  Works great
except one thing. I am monitoring min/max input line voltages, and I get

the max of the max line voltage (GOOD), and the max of the min line
voltage (BAD).

Question: How can I keep track of the MIN of the minimum voltage?

TIA, Jeff

In case it helps, the config file that I am using for this is thus:

WorkDir: /htdocs/internal-net-mngt/mrtg/apc
IconDir: /htdocs/internal-net-mngt/mrtg/mrtgicons
Title[^]: UofL UPS
Interval: 1
LogFormat: rrdtool
PathAdd: /usr/local/rrdtool-1.0.33/bin/
LibAdd: /usr/local/rrdtool-1.0.33/lib/perl/

### Input/Output Line Voltage
Target[apc_a7.line]: at

MaxBytes[apc_a7.line]: 150
Title[apc_a7.line]: APC A7 - Input/Output Voltages (110VAC Circuit)
PageTop[apc_a7.line]: <H2>UPS A7 (Input vs Output Voltages)</H2>
Options[apc_a7.line]: gauge, nopercent, absolute
Unscaled[apc_a7.line]: dwmy
XSize[apc_a7.line]: 380
YSize[apc_a7.line]: 100
YLegend[apc_a7.line]: AC Voltage
ShortLegend[apc_a7.line]: VAC
Legend1[apc_a7.line]: Input Voltage to UPS
Legend2[apc_a7.line]: Output Voltage from UPS

### Min/Max Line Voltage
Target[apc_a7.mm]: at

MaxBytes[apc_a7.mm]: 150
Title[apc_a7.mm]: APC A7 - Min/Max Input Voltages (110VAC Circuit)
PageTop[apc_a7.mm]: <H2>UPS A7 (Min/Max Voltages)</H2>
WithPeak[apc_a7.mm]: dwmy
Options[apc_a7.mm]: gauge, nopercent, absolute
Unscaled[apc_a7.mm]: dwmy
XSize[apc_a7.mm]: 380
YSize[apc_a7.mm]: 100
YLegend[apc_a7.mm]: AC Voltage
ShortLegend[apc_a7.mm]: VAC
LegendI[apc_a7.mm]: Min. Votage
LegendO[apc_a7.mm]: Max. Voltage
Legend1[apc_a7.mm]: Minimum Voltage to UPS
Legend2[apc_a7.mm]: Maximum Voltage to UPS


                    "Computers are useless.
              They can only give you answers"

                              - Picasso

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