[mrtg] Re: Week numbering

Håkan Lindholm hakan at spray.se
Fri Jan 11 21:46:51 MET 2002

tobi wrote:
> you can specify the weeknumbering notation to be used ... check
>      %U    Week number of year as a decimal number [00,53],  with
>            Sunday as the first day of week 1.
>      %V    The ISO 8601 week number as a decimal number  [01,53].
>            In  the  ISO  8601 week-based system, weeks begin on a
>            Monday and week  1  of  the  year  is  the  week  that
>            includes  both  January  4th and the first Thursday of
>            the year.  If the first Monday of January is the  2nd,
>            3rd,  or  4th, the preceding days are part of the last
>            week of the preceding year.  See NOTES below.
> this depends on your OS strftime implementation though ...
> check the reference.html

http://iserv.nl/traffic/mrtg-conf.html#Weekformat states that the weekformat
option is used by rateup.

With my slightly modificated 14all.cgi, I can change it in following code

push @args,'-c','MGRID#ee0000','-c','GRID#999999';
if ($q->param('png') eq 'daily') {
    push @args,'-x','HOUR:1:DAY:1:HOUR:2:0:%H';
} elsif ($q->param('png') eq 'weekly') {
    push @args,'-x','DAY:1:WEEK:1:DAY:1:86400:%a';
} elsif ($q->param('png') eq 'monthly') {
    push @args,'-x','WEEK:1:MONTH:1:WEEK:1:604800:Week %V';
#                                                 ^^^^^^^
} elsif ($q->param('png') eq 'yearly') {
    push @args,'-x','MONTH:1:YEAR:1:MONTH:1:2419200:%b';

By default, "-x" are set to the magic "none" I think. Then it is up to
rrdtool to specify the type of labeling. The above labeling are just the
same as with rateup. Wonder why rrdtool has a different default...


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