[mrtg] ASX1000 ATM monitering

glc57 at columbia.edu glc57 at columbia.edu
Mon Jan 14 13:01:03 MET 2002

Hi everyone!  I am a student on an internship in Spain.  My 
internship has involved using MRTG to generate network statistics for 
the University of the Basque Country.  I have been able to get a 
Cajun 880 up and running with MRTG and a couple of smaller boxes.  I 
also helped them make a few small changes with the ifref commandline 
option with cfgmaker.  They have asked me to use MRTG with an ASX1000 
strictly for the ATM traffic.  I have encountered some problems.
     Forgive me if these questions have been adressed before.  I 
checked the archieves to the best of my ability and have only come 
across information like using OIDs for CPU load.  This is not what I 
am interested in.  I have a little bit of a language barrier here and 
so perhaps some of the information I am going to relay to you is a 
bit muddled, if so I am sorry, Spanish is my second language and no 
one here speaks enough technical english to help me out.
      My boss has asked me to moniter only the ATM traffic comming 
into and out of the ASX 1000.  I first tried running the cfgmaker 
with the filter option.  First with the ATM valiables $37 and $134 
with a few boolean expressions.  then i tried $if_is_atm.  I got some 
strange results.  None of which were what I was looking for.  Both 
$37 and $134 came up with everything commented out because it didn´t 
meet the filter option.  And the $if_is_atm came up with the same 
results as if I just ran cfgmaker without the filter.  So this leaves 
me a little confused.  
      Now I am not looking for anything related to ethernet and IP 
connections, only what was hazily explained to me as the network 
traffic on 34 Mbits.  Shamefully, I don´t even know exactly what that 
means.  Only that from my explanation in Spanish none of the 
catagories I recieved from the original SNMP polls:el1, qaa0,qaa1, 
qaa2, qaa3, asx0, and ie0 were of intrest for my boss.  I think those 
came from using the ifref=descr.  
      I assume, and here is where my main question lies, with MRTG I 
can use the OIDs for each port of the ASX1000 to moniter the incoming 
and outgoing traffic in similar fassion to the inOctets and outOctets 
MRTG uses by default.  Is this correct?  If I knew exactly what ports 
carried the information in question on 34Mbits could I use their 
respective OIDs to achieve the ATM traffic monitering I want?

Thanks you!

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