[mrtg] Woes with mrtg

Dan Mahoney, System Admin danm at prime.gushi.org
Fri Jan 25 04:56:03 MET 2002

I am running mrtg 2.9.17 on FreeBSD 3.5.1, and having a couple issue I'm
wrestling with.

1) I'm using healthd to graph temperature, and while it appears to graph
the temp correctly, for some reason mrtg is not doing the divide by .1 to
get the correct value in the graphs, even though it's being recorded
correctly (yes, I have both factor & yticsfactor defined to be .1).

I'm using the code from their site almost verbatim.

Note that I tried setting factor to 0.01 and it did indeed show my temp as
being about three degrees.

Target[temp1]: `/usr/local/bin/healthdc | /usr/bin/awk '/^/ {print $2*10;
print $2*10; print "a long time"; pr$
MaxBytes[temp1]: 700
Options[temp1]: growright, gauge, noinfo, nopercent
Title[temp1]: cat.int.thehousleys.net (cat.int.thehousleys.net): temp
YTicsFactor[temp1]: 0.10
Factor[temp1]: 0.10
YLegend[temp1]: Celsius
LegendI[temp1]: Temp
LegendO[temp1]: Temp
ShortLegend[temp1]: C
PageTop[temp1]: <H1>Chipset vs. CPU #1 Temperature</H1>

2) Secondly, there's the issue of the disk usage script I have.  It
the usage in bytes, like thus:

29587538944 (the drive's max cap)
6866031616 (the drive's current usage)
10:49PM  up 42 days, 19:19, 21 users, load averages: 0.09, 0.22, 0.22

But in the logfile it generates I see these lines (which may differ

1011930397 29587538944 6866023424
1011930397 0 0 0 0

indicating it's storing both the real value and a null, and likely parsing
the null value last.

Target[diskhdd2]: `/usr/local/bin/systemstats.pl harddrive wd2s1e`
Options[diskhdd2]: growright,gauge,noinfo
MaxBytes[diskhdd2]: 999999999999999
YLegend[diskhdd2]: Bytes
kilo[diskhdd2]: 1024
ShortLegend[diskhdd2]: B
Legend2[diskhdd2]: Total Space :
Legend1[diskhdd2]: Used Space :
LegendI[diskhdd2]: Total Space:
LegendO[diskhdd2]: Used Space:
Title[diskhdd2]: Disk usage for /usr2
Pagetop[diskhdd2]: <H1>Disk usage for /usr2</H1>

ANY ideas here?

If anyone would like a shell to doodle around with this, please ask.

-Dan Mahoney

http://www.gushi.org/mrtg/mrtg.cfg is my config file
http://www.gushi.org/mrtg is my graph output.


"One...plus two...plus one...plus one."

-Tim Curry, Clue

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