[mrtg] Re: MRTG with ADSL

les jones lcjones at mis.net
Wed Jan 30 16:54:42 MET 2002

Frank Carreiro wrote:

>If anyone has done this I also would be interested in the setup.
>I've checked my access list and snmp is enabled on the ADSL device. 
> snmpwalk basically errors out suggesting that snmp is unavailable. 
> Perhaps snmp-server should be configured?  Just a thought.
>Alejandro Cabrera Obed wrote:
>>Hi everybody,
>>In this opportunity I ask you if I can use MRTG in order to take measures of
>>an ADSL link.
>>May I have to configure MRTG in the ADSL modem or in my Proxy server ???
>>Thanks a lot !!!
>>Alejandro Cabrera Obed
>>E-mail: sisdis at tournet.com.ar
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if you're referring to targeting an ADSL modem, i'm not sure which 
modems allow snmp. The Cisco 675 allows snmp
( http://www.cisco.com/univercd/cc/td/doc/pcat/675.htm ). If you're 
using a dsl modem and something like a LinkSys DSL Router, I think you 
can mrtg-up the Linksys router.

we utilize a cisco 7206 atm router for both verizon and bell south adsl 
services. nothing else is on the router. i've just simply mrtg'd all the 
interfaces. the down side is if you have several hundred dsl interfaces, 
then the .cfg file is/can get rather cumbersome. dsl users, in some 
cases, switch providers on a regular basis trying to get the best deals 
or whatever, so remember,  you'll have to re-up ./cfgmaker to account 
for the changes or manually comment them out. the really bad thing is 
with that many interfaces, you get tons/kilo's of files in a single 
directory and it gets hard to control.
for just a simple parse of the router i use, ./cfgmaker --global 
"Options[_]: bits" string at xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx >> adsl.cfg,

that grabs them all.

good luck

les @ mikrodata

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