[mrtg] Re: [rrd-users] Running MRTG and RDDTool on a WIN2000 Machine

UFRGS_Juliano_Santos at Dell.com UFRGS_Juliano_Santos at Dell.com
Wed Jul 3 20:22:53 MEST 2002

took from - http://www.wtcs.org/snmp4tpc/rrdtool.htm

	Stop the Web Service (Web Site (right-click)/Stop).

Map applications to file types.
- Web Site (right-click)/Properties/Home Directory 
	(tab)/Application Settings/Configuration (button) 
	you must make changes to the application mappings like so..
- assign drive:/path/perl.exe %s %s to .pl
- assign drive:/path/perl.exe %s %s to .cgi
- assign drive:/path/rrd_cgi.exe %s %s to .rrdcgi

Start the Web Service (Web Site (right-click)/Start).
- This sets PERL to execute locally whenever an app with those 
extensions is selected by a (web client).

Modify your web server so that the CGI-BIN directory 
(or wherever you put 14all.cgi) has EXECUTE permissions.

Select your CGI-BIN directory, then right click properties, 
and make sure Execute (including script) is selected.

Check user permissions for NT.  Make sure your Anonymous Web User account 
has the appropriate permissions in the CGI-BIN directory to execute.  
This can be done in either Explorer or File Manager (if you still use it!)

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Subject: [rrd-users] Running MRTG and RDDTool on a WIN2000 Machine

Hi everyone!

	I am using MRTG and RDDTool to monitor the traffic on the interfaces
of some routers. And the 14all script to generate the html web pages.

	I am facing a problem to generate the html pages using the 14all

	Does anybody know how I should configure the ISS Directory to run
the scripts correctly?

Thanks a lot!


Juliano Studzinski Santos
Eldorado do Sul - RS - Brazil
justudzinski at yahoo.com

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