[mrtg] please, monitoring win2k, i need help!

Marcio Teixeira Ferreira mferreira at amt.com.br
Thu Jul 18 22:31:06 MEST 2002

could someone please help me, I am already thinking in suicide, heres the deal: I installed the snmp4w2k package in the server, I used solarwinds mib browser to query the server and discovered, like the terminal services OID returns me the number of connections(this using solarwinds mib browser), it does not give me any error message.

so I go and make the mrtg configuration 

WithPeak[FTPBMG.ts]: ymw
XSize[FTPBMG.ts]: 300
Options[FTPBMG.ts]: gauge
Target[FTPBMG.ts]: at x.y.w.z
MaxBytes[FTPBMG.ts]: 100
Title[FTPBMG.ts]: FTPBMG: # ts Connections
ShortLegend[FTPBMG.ts]: #
Legend1[FTPBMG.ts]: Number of ts in next minute
Legend2[FTPBMG.ts]: Number of ts in next minute
Legend3[FTPBMG.ts]: Maximal 5 Minute # of ts
Legend4[FTPBMG.ts]: Maximal 5 Minute # of ts
LegendI[FTPBMG.ts]:  ts:
LegendO[FTPBMG.ts]:  ts:
PageTop[FTPBMG.ts]: <H1># of ts Connections
		<TR><TD>System:</TD><TD>Server x.y.w.z</TD></TR>
		<TR><TD># of ts Connections:</TD><TD></TD></TR>

and run it, but all that mrtg gives me is a onstant graphic, always at value 1.o, no matter the number of actual connections

could someone please help me? what am i doing wrong? i am 3 days only trying to make this thing work, but no luck, already read tons of documentation, i even think i actually understand how it works, but cant seem to make it work

thanks very much

Marcio Teixeira Ferreira
Suporte - AMT
Tel: 24947155 r: 105

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