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The size is in blocks. The maximum size can be found with a MIB-browser.
Be aware that the number of bytes/block can change from one disk to
another: I have servers with 512bytes/block, 4096bytes/block and even
65536bytes/block on their disks. The number of bytes/block can also be
found with the MIB-browser (.<instance>)


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Allright, to monitor disk usage of a win2000 server, I am using the
config template from somix:

Top of Form 1

# WIN2000 Disk Utilization. Based on MIB II Host MIB.
 # MIB reports on 4096 byte blocks. That is why we multiply by 4  #  #
Example CFGNAME : [DEVICE NAME]-microsoft_win2k_disk_util
 YLegend[$CFGNAME]: KBytes Used
 Options[$CFGNAME]: gauge, unknaszero
 ShortLegend[$CFGNAME]: Blocks
 Legend1[$CFGNAME]: HDD Utilization
 Legend2[$CFGNAME]: .
 Legend3[$CFGNAME]: Max value per interval on graph
 Legend4[$CFGNAME]: .
 LegendI[$CFGNAME]: HDD Utilization
 LegendO[$CFGNAME]: .
 Colours[$CFGNAME]: GREEN#00eb0c,BLUE#0000ff,GRAY#AAAAAA,VIOLET#ff00ff
 WithPeak[$CFGNAME]: ymw
 PageTop[$CFGNAME]: <H1>$DEVICE</H1>
 # The following information allows you to perform some task(s)  #
whenever a minimum of maximum threshold has been breached  # In order to
activate this features, simply remove the # from the  # lines below.
 # ThreshProgI[$CFGNAME]: BATCHLOCthreshold_in.bat
 # ThreshProgOKI[$CFGNAME]: BATCHLOCthreshold_oki.bat
 # ThreshProgO[$CFGNAME]: BATCHLOCthreshold_out.bat
 # ThreshProgOKO[$CFGNAME]: BATCHLOCthreshold_oko.bat

Somix Technologies, Inc. <http://www.somix.com/>
Bottom of Form 1

but I am somewhat confused with one parameter:


this size must be in bytes, megabytes, block,...?
My disk has 20GB, wich value should I put there?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Marcio Teixeira Ferreira
Suporte - AMT

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