[mrtg] Re: GD Library required...

Niclas Söderlund ns at techtradeinter.se
Tue Jul 30 10:10:21 MEST 2002


it says in the doc that you need to specify the lib and headerfiles with 
configure if you have any problem with mrtg not being able to find them 
(dynamic vs. static libs).

Do this but substitute where your GD libs and GD headers are:

./configure --with-gd-inc=/usr/local/include --with-gd-lib=/usr/local/lib



At 10:01 2002-07-30, Tagle, Michael F. wrote:
>i've been trying to install MRTG on Mandrake for the past few days but i
>cant make it completely. when i do "./configure" it keeps on complaining
>about the requirement on GD library but i have the latest version of GD
>installed already. anyone knows about this problem? i attached the last part
>of MRTG conpilation error. thanks in advance!
>checking for unsigned long long... yes
>checking for long long... yes
>checking for atoll... yes
>checking for sqrt in -lm... yes
>checking for acos in -lm... yes
>checking for gdImageGif in -lgd... no
>checking for gdImagePng in -lgd... no
>checking for gdImagePng_jpg in -lgd... no
>checking for gdImagePng_jpg_ft in -lgd... no
>checking for gdImageGd in -lgd... no
>checking for gd.h... yes
>** The GD library is required for rateup to compile.
>    Get it from http://www.boutell.com, compile it and
>    use either --with-gd-lib=DIR and --with-gd-inc=DIR to specify
>    its location. You might also have to use --with-z-inc, --with-z-li
>    and --with-png-inc, --with-png-lib for gd versions 1.6 and higher.
>    Check config.log for more information on the problem. If your syst
>    has libgd installed, you probably mis the gd.h header file.
>    Consider following the instructions in doc/unix-guide.txt
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