[mrtg] Re: Problems with mrtg and external script in cfg

andrew.byrne at centrelink.gov.au andrew.byrne at centrelink.gov.au
Tue Jun 4 02:15:15 MEST 2002

Hi Daniel,

MRTG only supports two variables per target.

If you need more than that, you need to write your own script to collect
data and manually insert it into your RRD database file.  i.e. Write your
own replacement for MRTG.

I'm sure there are some people on the mrtg or rrd-users list who have some
examples you could start with.


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I'm needing three variables stored and graphed.  For this I will be
using RRDTool, but I still need to get the three variables in the .rrd
file.   The script I posted gies the three variables output, but only
get into the .rrd.

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I didn't see the beginning of the thread, but it seems like a pretty
straightforward problem.  What exactly are you having problems
with?  Are you sure it is in the format

number_in - green line by default
number_out - blue area by default
uptime of device
name of the device



>>> "Jim Jones, Jr." <jimjones at oct.net> 06/03/02 04:01PM >>>

I am having a simular problem but cannot seem to get much help... Is
someone out there who knows well enough about external commands that
help us?




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