[mrtg] Re: Problems with mrtg and external script in cfg

Jim Jones, Jr. jimjones at oct.net
Tue Jun 4 06:15:41 MEST 2002

thanks for the answer!!! I am really stumped by this one!

here are the answers to your questions:

1) it does
2) i did
3) it does

The things that I am unsure of are to do with paths and win2k and mrtg...
within the config, should i use the drive:\path\ ?  or just the \path\ ?
and should i use back slashes or forward slashes?  if it is back slashes, is
there a problem with using them within the `\path\command.cmd` command?  i
noticed that if you want to use a ` in the command you have to escape it
with a backslash, so i don't know if a backslash is a good idea?!

thanks again!

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> Jim Jones, Jr. wrote:
> > 2002-05-31 16:29:33 -- WARNING: Could not get any data from external
> > 'e:\scripts\ImailMrtgRdeliver.cmd' Maybe the external command did not
> > start. ()
> Debugging external commands:
> 1) make sure mrtg works.  Start with monitoring a regular interface
>    and change nothing but the target line thereafter
> 2) use a dummy script at first that provides dummy output, just to
>    test your target line
> 3) make sure the script used works.  Make sure it works when called
>    from mrtg.  Do not assume the PATH is correct, use full path names
>    for each and every external command called from the script
> Do read faq entry #26 for this information, slightly more verbose.
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