[mrtg] Re: provisioning question for a new MRTG server

Greg.Volk at edwardjones.com Greg.Volk at edwardjones.com
Fri Jun 7 16:41:47 MEST 2002

> Try setting off 20% of the cron jobs in 1 minute increments, ie 20% at 1:00,
> 20% at 1:01, etc; that should help spread out the load a bit.  I'm
> monitoring about 1100 target this way on an Ultra 10, and the load only gets
> up to about 3.  Not bad for 4K.
>> I have MRTG on a SUN 420R with 2 processors and 4GB of RAM.
>> I monitor around 420 routers for a total of 4826 Interfaces.
>> I spawn a MRTG process for each router.
>> When I had these cron'ed for 5 min the box would spike to a load of 20 and
>> would be unreliable.
>> I was forced to cron them at 10 min intervals.  Now the load will spike to
>> about 8 at times.
>> I was expecting more out of our SUN box, but hey, nothing that another 50K
>> cant cure.

You probably know this already, but if you're really interested
in hitting more targets with that box, you can do the following:

1) Use daemon mode.
2) Launch each daemon five seconds apart to prevent an inital load 
3) If you can reduce the number of config files and increase the
   number of targets per config that will help on memory usage
   when using daemon mode. This probably isn't necessary with 4GB 
   of RAM though.

Just doing the first two items listed above should let you 
bring your poll interval down to five minutes, if you want to,
and give you the potential to poll a lot more targets. 

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