[mrtg] MRTG 3?

David Mitchell mitchelld at sunman.co.uk
Wed Jun 19 12:02:54 MEST 2002


How is MRTG 3 coming on, do you have a target date for it?

I am not sure whether to persist with rateup, migrate fully to RRD or wait
for MRTG 3 - Rateup is hitting the CPU limits (over 2000 values being
polled), RRD (14all) is too slow because of the size of the config files.

One way of speeding up the RRD based tools occurred to me, which is a
'hybrid' of the way Rateup and RRD work. The performance hit on rateup is
generating the graphs, the hit on RRD is parsing the config files (plus I
like the static web pages and the ability to use indexmaker). So how about
the following - generate the web pages from MRTG (as with rateup) but
instead of running rateup and embedding a link to the resulting file, embed
a link to a (simple) CGI that produces a graph from RRD - the CGI can be
passed all the info it needs directly (Log file location, colours, sizes,
format etc) rather than having to parse the config file (in fact it could
probably be passed a similar command line to rateup!) which would make the
cgi run much faster.  In fact the HTML pages might only need to be generated
on the first run through the MRTG polling loop (if running deamonised).
Although it just occurred to me that HTML might not let you do this so the
whole page might need to be a CGI with the RRD calls embedded in the page...

unfortunately my Perl is not up to this (at least not in any sensible

David Mitchell

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