[mrtg] Re: MRTG 3?

PAUL WILLIAMSON pwilliamson at mandtbank.com
Wed Jun 19 15:56:46 MEST 2002

>>> "David Mitchell" <mitchelld at sunman.co.uk> 06/19/02 09:29AM >>>

>From what I understand that is not what 14all does - you pass 14all the name
>of an object, the CGI then scans the config file to find out the info for
>that object - EG Where the RRD file is, what type of graph is required, the
>units, scaling, maximum values etc  - all of which takes a substantial time,
>a more efficient method would be to scan the static information once and
>then generate a line calling the CGI with all the relevant information
>passed directly to the CGI. I think the previous version of 14all went
>partway towards this by generating a 'cache' file of the config information.

>So the CGI would be called like

>http://webserver/cgi-bin/simple.cgi?rrd=<path to RRD file>&png=<graph

>basically a parameter for every option that might be set in the CFG file so
>all the CGI does is convert these to an RRDs Call - no CFG file scanning at


Point taken.  But that's what RRDGraph does, right?  Just not from a URL.
If you use speedy_cgi, the time to process is not that great.

But what's the difference between putting the info in a config file or putting it 
on a url?  14all finds the target pretty quick (using the mrtg libraries) and 
while it may not be extremely efficient, it is pretty good.

There are alos Cricket and newcomer mrtg-rrd that may do a slightly better job of this kind of stuff.  Plus some fronends as well that can do an ok job.


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