[mrtg] Re: how to generate html pages on windows 98

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at ergens.op.HET.NET
Mon Jun 24 12:34:41 MEST 2002

Vipin Sharma wrote:

> The problem i m facing 
> is that when i execute a command to create a cfg file it will not give
> any 
> error ( C:\MRTG-2.9.17\bin>perl mrtg localhost.cfg) its keep on running.

1) Are you using "daemon mode" ?  In that case it should keep on running.
2) Are you using an external command target?  In that case maybe the
   external command never returns and keeps mrtg waiting.

>>>> In the following instructions you will have <<<<
>>>> to change some paths to make things work.   <<<<

This is most likely true for "Workdir", the location of the
script "testme.pl" and for the location of perl.

Create a command "testme.pl" as follows:

    print "100\n200\nquite some time\nsome host\n"

Check the command.  Run it like "/usr/bin/perl /tmp/testme.pl"
It should return:

    quite some time
    some host

Then create a test config file "testme.cfg" for mrtg:

    Workdir: /tmp
    Target[testme]: `/usr/bin/perl /tmp/testme.pl`
    Title[testme]: Just a test
    PageTop[testme]: Just a test
    MaxBytes[testme]: 200
    Options[testme]: gauge

Now run mrtg: "mrtg testme.cfg" and see if this works.  It should
give some warnings and create some files.  DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING.
Just wait a few minutes (close to five minutes) and run mrtg again.
Repeat this sequence another time.

If this works, check your original cfg file because there will be
something wrong in there.  If this test does not work, I guess you
encountered a bug.  Try another mrtg version and let us (the list,
not me) know what happens.

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