[mrtg] trying to run cfgmaker on host device on separate subnet

Jeff Bolden Jeff.Bolden at sterlingsavings.com
Fri Jun 28 20:24:32 MEST 2002

OK, I know this is going to be some stupid easy fix for this, but 
frankly I'm stumped. I'm also a relative Linux newbie, so bear with 

I have been running MRTG on a W2k box for a month or two and it's 
been happily chugging away grabbing stats from some 90+ internal 
routers as well as a lot of servers on my local and remote subnets. I 
am now trying to incorporate some Linux boxes into the picture to use 
as network/performance monitoring boxes using a combination of 
Nagios, MRTG, and several other assorted packages. This is a big step 
for a Microsoft guy like me... =) It's gone relatively smoothly after 
a crash course in SNMP and Linux, but yesterday I finally ran into a 
problem that I can't seem to get worked out.

I have MRTG running perfectly on the Linux server (Mandrake 8.2) and 
it's sampling all the routers on the local subnet. I am now trying to 
run cfgmaker on the remote subnet routers, and suddenly cfgmaker 
can't seem to find any SNMP info, but only for the remote routers. I 
can ping the devices just fine, but when cfgmaker runs it's comes up 
with all kinds of errors that it can't get a response. The community 
string is correct, I can run the same command on the NT box and get a 
perfect .cfg file.

Here's a (edited for security reasons) sample:

SNMP Error:
no response received
SNMPv1_Session (remote host: "X.X.X.1" [X.X.X.1].161)
                  community: "xxxxxx"
                 request ID: 1813643359
                PDU bufsize: 8000 bytes
                    timeout: 2s
                    retries: 5
                    backoff: 1)
SNMPGET Problem for sysDescr sysContact sysName sysLocation 
sysObjectID on xxxxx at X.X.X.1:

I'm (blindly) assuming that this has something to do with SNMP not 
finding it's way to the target device. I had a RIP listener setup on 
the W2k box so it has all the routes to the subnets. I thought Linux 
had RIP enabled by default, but when I do a route command I only see 
the local subnet and localhost listed, with my default gateway as my 
firewall. I spent the day researching RIP for Linux but came up 
empty. And I really don't want to put in all 90+ gateways by hand in 
the routing table.

What am I missing here? Being a relative SNMP/Linux newcomer, I'm 
sure this is probably fairly obvious to the experts, but I'm about 
ready to put my head through the monitor here! =) Help!

Jeff Bolden

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