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Peter W. Osel pwo at Infineon.COM
Tue May 21 10:24:24 MEST 2002

>>>>> On Mon, May 20, 2002 at 07:54:31AM -0700, "" == Anthony Lai <savedadogs at yahoo.com> wrote:
> What happens if there are lost packets or the host is unreachable...
> how do these ping scripts handle these circumstances?
> What does MRTG graph when it encounters such a scenerio? Thanks.
> Anthony

The pong section of mrtg-misc-probe checks for reachability only and
returns 0 and 1 depending on whether the target is ping'able or not.
packet loss is ignored.

By default, mrtg-ping-probe returns 0 as the round trip time if the
target is not reachable.  You can change the returned value through an
option.  packet loss is ignored.

mrtg-ping-probe can monitor packet loss, but then the rtt is ignored.

so with mrtg-ping-probe you need two graphs (one for rtt, one for
packet loss).

smokeping does all this in one graph, you definitely want to take a
look at it:

I have not yet used it, but it does looks extremly good and I cannot
wait until I find the time to install it.

Hope this helps

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