[mrtg] MRTG-RRD CGI graphing wrong Y value

Nguyen, Binh T binh.nguyen at eds.com
Thu Sep 12 06:41:15 MEST 2002

Hi all

Does anyone has a problem with mrtg-rrd cgi generating wrong Y values?

Say I got  2 Gig / partition

the value that it returned for total size and used space is correct
ie Total size: 2048MB  and Used: 920MB

but on the Y graph display 1M-2M instead of 1G-2G  or 1000M-2000M

attached is my MRTG config for this diskspace section and the graph
(have a look at the Y section of the graph).
I also have a similar problem with memory with Y values

ps:sofware and platform
Solaris 8
Latest current MRTG and RRDtool and mrtg-rrd.cgi
Net-snmp 5.0.4 pre 2 ....(stable 5.0.3 keep crashing on my box if I have
host mib compiled in)....
and another thing if I use MRTG without RRDtool and mrtg-rrd.cgi it displays
correctly in  1000M-2000M

WorkDir: /opt/apache/DOCS/mrtg/raptor
IconDir: /icons

LogFormat: rrdtool
PathAdd: /usr/local/rrdtool/bin
LibAdd: /usr/local/rrdtool/lib/perl


Target[raptor.hrroot]:hrStorageSize.1&hrStorageUsed.1:public at raptor:::::2
RouterUptime[raptor.hrroot]: public at raptor
MaxBytes[raptor.hrroot]: 2097343
WithPeak[raptor.hrroot]: dwmy
Unscaled[raptor.hrroot]: dwmy
Title[raptor.hrroot]: / Disk Usage
PageTop[raptor.hrroot]: <H2>DISK / Usage</H2>
ShortLegend[raptor.hrroot]: B
kMG[raptor.hrroot]: k,M,G,T,P
kilo[raptor.hrroot]: 1024
YLegend[raptor.hrroot]: / Disk Utilization
Legend1[raptor.hrroot]: Root disk size
Legend2[raptor.hrroot]: Root disk usage
LegendI[raptor.hrroot]:  Root disk size
LegendO[raptor.hrroot]:  Root disk usage
Options[raptor.hrroot]: growright,gauge

Max Root disk size  2048.2 MB (100.0%)  Average Root disk size  2048.2 MB
(100.0%)  Current Root disk size  2048.2 MB (100.0%) 
Max Root disk usage  900.2 MB (44.0%)  Average Root disk usage  900.2 MB
(44.0%)  Current Root disk usage  900.2 MB (44.0%)    

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-- URL : http://www.ee.ethz.ch/~slist/pantomime/raptor.hrroot-day.png

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