[mrtg] Re: why the traffic in serial0 smaller than e0

Peter Glanville peter_glanville at cuk.canon.co.uk
Tue Sep 17 11:34:21 MEST 2002

A couple of thoughts:

A router will not forward broadcasts (normally), so if your local ethernet
has a lot of those, the serial traffic will be lower. Then the graphs could
be correct
Do the Router ethernet stats match your Ethernet Switch stats for the port
the router is plugged in to?
Do the Serial stats match you Frame Carrier's stats?

What is the definition of your Frame system. In mine, my PVCs are all
within serial 0.1. And so serial0.1 roughly equals the serial0 figure, the
difference being my Carrier's management traffic. You imply that the two
serial values are different. Would you expect that from your Router config?

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I build a mrtg page for my cisco1720 Frame-relay router (in Bits format).
My router has only one ethernet0, one serial0 and one serial0.1. By right
the input traffic in etherent0 should be equal to the output traffic in
serial0, and serial0.1 as the router has only one serial and sub-serial
interface (this theory apply to my other routers).  But the traffic graph
serial0 of this router is always 33 percents less than the traffic graph in

ethernet0 and traffic graph in serial0.1 is always 66 percent less than
of ethernet0.  Do you know what¡¦s wrong??  Previously, I have the same
problem with another router, but the problem partially solved after I
recreated the configuration file, the serial0 become the same as ethernet0
but the serial0.1 still 66 percent less.

What is the problem

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