[mrtg] Re: MRTG error message...

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at ergens.op.het.net
Thu Sep 19 01:40:01 MEST 2002

On Wed, Sep 18, 2002 at 02:52:44PM -0400, Alex Nguyen wrote:

> ERROR: Target[total-octets][_OUT_] ' $$target[15]{$mode}  + $$target[16]{$mode} ' evaluated to'1.0720379831099e+15' instead of a number

> ifMIB.ifMIBObjects.ifXTable.ifXEntry.ifHCOutOctets.7 = Counter64: 536514379708212
> ifMIB.ifMIBObjects.ifXTable.ifXEntry.ifHCOutOctets.12 = Counter64: 535537007506381

Well, the numbers seem to match:

    echo 536514379708212 + 535537007506381 | bc


which is 1.072051387214593 * 10^15.

This is line 355..356 in ..../bin/mrtg

This of course assuming you are running the most recent MRTG.

> It there any work around for this ?

perl -e '$i=536514379708212 + 535537007506381;print $i;'

doesn't complain but does use the scientific notation.

perl -e '$i=1.07205138721459e+15;$j=1.0720379831099e+15;$k=$i-$j;print $k;'

does print 13404104690 so I guess perl will do fine.  It may be
possible that the numbers loose precision thus calculations
aren't done as accurately as before.

For a workaround you will need to convince MRTG that it is
alright to use numbers in scientific notation when it is
processing numbers for/from the first line of the .log file.

Note that the 2nd line and further are limited to 32 bits;
you will get into trouble again if you have *rates* in that

Don't know much about perl so I cannot help further.


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