[mrtg] RE : Re: Problem with indexmaker ! I use MRTG and RRDtool databases - Isit a bug ?

Fri Sep 20 10:36:22 MEST 2002

> Indexmaker won't work, as it generates a page of HTML including graphs
> (and
> linking to pages) produced by MRTG in non-RRD mode.
> Since you use RRD you're out of luck there.
> Option 1. Use 14all*DontShowIndexGraphs

I don't know how to use this option.  I try to add a line in the
beginning of my mrtg.cfg file :


But when I call the cgi from IE6 a message appears in the navigator:

"ERROR: CFG Error in "userrdtool[_]", line 46: UseRRDtool[] is not valid
any more. Check the new xyz*bla[] syntax for passing parameters to tool
xyz who reads the mrtg.cfg"

> Option 2. Do not point the CGI at the live CFG file, but create a
> of
> dummy CFG files that the CGI points to, each having a smaller,
> number of graphs in it.

Do you mean I should create a cgi per config file (one config file per
router). It should be very long and not so flexible. Because, I already
have  40 routers to manage. So I should create 40 cgi and realize one
HTML page with the links to the corresponding cgi. I prefer to use
Option1, can you help me, please ?

> Option 3. Get the manglemant to buy you more processing power

what does mean "manglemant" ? I don't understand this word. Can you
explain me more, please ?

> Option 4. In the Unix world, I hear of tools called FastCGI and
> that help (I'm stuck with Win-doze)

Yes, I heard about it, but I didn't investigate so much my time to see
what it does. A priori, it is used to accelerate cgi, but it is maybe
not advise to use it with 14all-1.1cgi, if I remember well what I have
read in the documentation

Ronan Plantec

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