[mrtg] Re: How do I make indexmaker happy???? Cisco VPN 3000 conc entrator.

Roth, Gabrielle gabrielle.roth at xo.com
Sat Sep 28 00:51:20 MEST 2002

>Please help!!  How do I make indexmaker happy. 

Leave it alone while it's watching the game? ;)

>This is the error that I recieve when I run indexmaker.
>Use of uninitialized value in pattern match (m//) at 
>/mrtg/bin/indexmaker line 321.
>Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at 
>/mrtg/bin/indexmaker line 322.

Hrm.  I thought I had seen something about this in the archives, but don't
quote me on that because I can't find it now.  It's late Friday/early
Saturday, I imagine not many people are working on mrtg right now, so in the
interests of maybe getting you started on something, I'll take a shot at

Your config works fine with my indexmaker, with the following changes:
1- I made the WorkDir point to my actual WorkDir (is /mrtg/data/VPN the
absolute path to your WorkDir?  Try this too: /mrtg/data/VPN/ .  The former
points to a file, the latter to a directory.)
2- I removed the duplicate Target.  You used "bluewalker.tellabs.com" as the
target name for both of your targets--mrtg no likey.

One other pointer:
Your use of the "Options" tag in both your targets will blow away your
global "Options[_]: bits" at the beginning, so you may as well leave that
out anyway.
>Here is the config file.
>Options[_]: bits
>WorkDir: /mrtg/data/VPN
> at bluewalk
>Options[bluewalker.tellabs.com]: gauge, growright, nopercent


> at bluewal
>Options[bluewalker.tellabs.com]: bits , growright


<my oh my what a wonderful day>

"It's been lovely, but I must scream now."

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