[mrtg] Re: Summing multiple targets

Peter Glanville peter_glanville at cuk.canon.co.uk
Thu Apr 3 10:21:05 MEST 2003

>Hello all
>I know I have asked for this alot.
>I use MRTG with rrdtool.
>Well, I want to make a summation of many targets (and I mean many).
>I tried many solutions, but most of them is not suitable since I use cacti
>my frontend, so I can't go with the option to make the graph statement
>So, I think the best way is to make MRTG sum the links in one rrd file,
>graph it simply like any other thing.
>When I put the targets in MRTG cfg file, it throws some error messages to
>that some targets didn't return a value, and that it skipped the
>I use the option unknaszero in mrtg cfg file.
>I don't know if MRTG has any limits on the number of targets to be summed
>I have more than 50 targets.
>Anyone tried doing something like that ???
>M. Eldesoky

In my experience, Target A+B returns nothing if ANY of the interfaces fails
to reply. If you are adding a lot together, there's a good chance that at
least one will fail. The only solution would be to up the retry counts etc,
but then you might not get around the lot within the polling interval.

Another way of summing, is to use MRTG/RRD to capture and store the data,
and Routers2.cgi to view it. Routers2 has a Totalling option, so monitor
lots of interfaces individually (if one skips, who cares?), and plot a
total graph. Works for 2 or 3 interfaces, never tried it with your


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