[mrtg] One config & per customer access

Michael Markstaller mm at elabnet.de
Thu Apr 3 21:22:56 MEST 2003


I know this was disussed several times but I found no real solution for me from reading the archives, sorry. The explanation is getting quite long, I'll try to make it as clear as possible..
Currently I have 
- ONE big mrtg config-file with approx. 80 individual hosts and about 900 targets 
- using mrtg 2.9.25 with rrdtool
- RH-Linux 7.1 on a Dual PIII 866, 256 MB
- mostly using mrtg-rrd.cgi (0.5/0.6) for displaying graphs
- Apache 1.3.27 with basic-authentication
- each host has it's own "Directory" (by hostname) and most graphs are in subdirectorys underneath the hosts, which makes viewing/browse quick and clear; 
I'm quite happy this is all working fine so far ;)

Now, I want wo give some customers access view "their" hosts' graphs, customers can be seperated easily by hostnames/diectorys (customer1=host2,host3,host6; customer2=host1,host7 etc.) and here I'm, stuck; I wonder what you guys are doing ?
- 14all.cgi: is no option, I don't like the graphs it creates, it's very slow and eats up my CPU's (is it normal 14all.cgi takes 25 secs for 8 graphs on this box killing up almost both cpu's ??)

- routers2.cgi: I haven't managed to configure it to display all my hosts as devices correctly without splitting up the config-file to one config-file for each host. I've set "routerdefault = hostname" and played around with most config-options, but still get only the first device from each cfg under devices and then all graphs together in a list (you could imagine how this looks like with 900 targets)..
Is there any way to make it work without splitting-up the config to "one-each-host" ?
Otherwise I think it would work because of the Username- option in config is quite what I look for.
If I split the config up, how would you suggest to arrange it (subdirs?) to make access-control as easy as possible for apache/routers2.cgi ?

- Finally mrtg-rrd.cgi: I like the graphs and everything else, the only "bug" is it doesn't display subdirectory underneath a host directory but this could be (hopefully) fixed with my little perl know-how if nescessary ;). But I have see no chance to seperate display by customer (the only option I see is to create one mrtg-rrd_customer.cgi with sepearte cfg-file for each customer which makes things quite complicated for operation/changes)

All in all, is there a suggestion for a combination of MRTG-RRD displaying graphs quickly on Apache with Basic-auth (not many concurrent users viewing them) while handling with an as least complex config as possible when changing something ? (currently I see I'd have to change 10 config/cgi-files in 5 directorys for one customer and restart 3 deamons ;)

Are there any good frontends with quite "original-mrtg-like" output requiring few to no own configuration (besides mrtg.cfg) that I've missed ? I also looked at cati but this seems even more complex..

Thanks for any comments.

Michael Markstaller

Elaborated Networks GmbH 
Lise-Meitner-Str. 1, D-85662 Hohenbrunn, Germany 
fon: +49-8102-8951-60, fax: +49-8102-8951-80 

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