[mrtg] Re: Using Dell Server MIBS

Garth K. Williams garth.williams at wtcs.org
Wed Apr 9 02:29:02 MEST 2003

At the risk of being a little verbose, here we go!

Knock Yerself out!


#  dell1.cfg
#  server monitoring for DELL servers (e.g. PowerEdge 4300)

WorkDir: /home/httpd/html/statistics/dell1

public at DELL1 / 10.0
MaxBytes[DELL1.CPUTEMP]: 50
AbsMax[DELL1.CPUTEMP]: 100
Title[DELL1.CPUTEMP]: CPU Temperature on DELL1
PageTop[DELL1.CPUTEMP]: <H1>CPU Temperature on DELL1</H1>
Options[DELL1.CPUTEMP]: gauge, nopercent, growright
YLegend[DELL1.CPUTEMP]: Degrees C
ShortLegend[DELL1.CPUTEMP]: &deg;C
LegendI[DELL1.CPUTEMP]: &#160;CPU 1 Temperature
LegendO[DELL1.CPUTEMP]: &#160;CPU 2 Temperature
Legend1[DELL1.CPUTEMP]: CPU 1 Temperature
Legend2[DELL1.CPUTEMP]: CPU 2 Temperature

public at DELL1 / 10.0
MaxBytes[DELL1.SYSTEMP]: 50
AbsMax[DELL1.SYSTEMP]: 100
Title[DELL1.SYSTEMP]: System Temperature on DELL1
PageTop[DELL1.SYSTEMP]: <H1>System Temperature on DELL1</H1>
Options[DELL1.SYSTEMP]: gauge, nopercent, growright
YLegend[DELL1.SYSTEMP]: Degrees C
ShortLegend[DELL1.SYSTEMP]: &deg;C
LegendI[DELL1.SYSTEMP]: &#160;Motherboard Temperature
LegendO[DELL1.SYSTEMP]: &#160;Ambient Temperature
Legend1[DELL1.SYSTEMP]: Motherboard Temperature
Legend2[DELL1.SYSTEMP]: Ambient Temperature

public at DELL1
MaxBytes[DELL1.AMP5]: 40000
AbsMax[DELL1.AMP5]: 41000
Title[DELL1.AMP5]: Power Supply Current (+5V Rail) on DELL1
PageTop[DELL1.AMP5]: <H1>Power Supply Current (+5V Rail) on DELL1</H1>
Options[DELL1.AMP5]: gauge, nopercent, growright
YLegend[DELL1.AMP5]: mA
ShortLegend[DELL1.AMP5]: mA
LegendI[DELL1.AMP5]: &#160;PSU 1 Current (+5V Rail)
LegendO[DELL1.AMP5]: &#160;PSU 2 Current (+5V Rail)
Legend1[DELL1.AMP5]: Power Supply 1 Current (+5V Rail)
Legend2[DELL1.AMP5]: Power Supply 2 Current (+5V Rail)

public at DELL1
MaxBytes[DELL1.AMP12]: 17000
AbsMax[DELL1.AMP12]: 19000
Title[DELL1.AMP12]: Power Supply Current (+12V Rail) on DELL1
PageTop[DELL1.AMP12]: <H1>Power Supply Current (+12V Rail) on DELL1</H1>
Options[DELL1.AMP12]: gauge, nopercent, growright
YLegend[DELL1.AMP12]: mA
ShortLegend[DELL1.AMP12]: mA
LegendI[DELL1.AMP12]: &#160;PSU 1 Current (+12V Rail)
LegendO[DELL1.AMP12]: &#160;PSU 2 Current (+12V Rail)
Legend1[DELL1.AMP12]: Power Supply 1 Current (+12V Rail)
Legend2[DELL1.AMP12]: Power Supply 2 Current (+12V Rail)

public at DELL1
MaxBytes[DELL1.AMP33]: 17000
AbsMax[DELL1.AMP33]: 19000
Title[DELL1.AMP33]: Power Supply Current (+3.3V Rail) on DELL1
PageTop[DELL1.AMP33]: <H1>Power Supply Current (+3.3V Rail) on DELL1</H1>
Options[DELL1.AMP33]: gauge, nopercent, growright
YLegend[DELL1.AMP33]: mA
ShortLegend[DELL1.AMP33]: mA
LegendI[DELL1.AMP33]: &#160;PSU 1 Current (+3.3V Rail)
LegendO[DELL1.AMP33]: &#160;PSU 2 Current (+3.3V Rail)
Legend1[DELL1.AMP33]: Power Supply 1 Current (+3.3V Rail)
Legend2[DELL1.AMP33]: Power Supply 2 Current (+3.3V Rail)

# paranoid owners may also want to graph stuff like the fan RPMs ...

# end dell1.cfg

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