[mrtg] Re: Names on DOS windows

Jason Humes jhumes at acs.on.ca
Mon Aug 11 15:24:08 MEST 2003

Well, I tried to add the following lines to my mrtg batch file.

title MRTG CFG File 1
start /DE:\mrtg\bin perl mrtg cfgfile1.cfg
title MRTG CFG File 2
start /DE:\mrtg\bin perl mrtg cfgfile2.cfg

And yet, when I run this batch all the individual dos windows just say
e:\perl\bin\perl.exe.  I wish there was some way to change the title or make
the windows have some sort of identification.  Thanks for the shot though.

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Use the command title.

Example batch:
title 1st mrtg session
perl mrtg test.cfg

Type help in the command window and you will se all "batch" commands
For example you can use color to sett different collors on each window as


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> Hello
> I run a bunch of mrtg cfg files through a batch file and when I run this
> batch it opens a bunch of DOS windows, but I have no way of identifying
> which dos window equals which config file.  Is there something I can add
> my batch so that each window will display some sort of identifier or
> something so that I can identify which is which.  Thanks
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