[mrtg] Re: trying to understand.

Peter Glanville peter_glanville at cuk.canon.co.uk
Wed Aug 27 12:04:18 MEST 2003

> Im trying to understand weather to use gauge, absolute or neither.
> Ive seen the description in the command reference, but im not sure
weather im
> getting it right.
> Im using an external program that reads the value from a file (cat).
> At midnight the values start at zero, then slowly goes up (never
> until at midnight the value goes back to zero.
> (So, for example, at midnight, I have 0, at 8am I have 1200, at 8pm i
> 5300 and at 11:59pm i have 9000, and goes on like this)
> Which options should I use? gauge, absolute or just skip the options.
> If I use gauge, it shows at 12:00(noon) for the 5 minute interval that
> current: 1200.
> But the reality is that I've got 1200 from midnight, but last 5 minutes
> only 30.
> How can I make my graph show this?

Gauge will show the actual value, and the graph will sawtooth from zero to
peak value, and reset to zero at midnight.
Without gauge, MRTG uses the current reading minus the previous reading
divided by time. This sounds like what you want.
But the MRTG default is PerSecond. So if you only do 30 in 5 mins, that is
MRTG does not (natively) do fractions, and so that would be rounded down to
zero, giving a flatline graph.
Try the PerMinute Option, or multiply your calculation by a factor of your
choice and change the axis labels accordingly.


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