[mrtg] Re: Colorized Graphs

Mats Karlsson mk at ugg-lan.com
Wed Aug 27 13:52:18 MEST 2003

Try read the reference

The background on the pictures can't be changed BUT the pictures can be

Options[ezwf]: growright, bits, transparent

Then to the solution. You can change the background on the html file.

With the Background tag you can configure the background colour of the
generated HTML page.

 Background[ezwf]: #a0a0a0a

Using 1 minutes searching the reference guide to mrtg !

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> On Wed, Aug 27, 2003 at 10:01:30AM +0200, Thomas Mayer wrote:
> > Good Morning MRTG!
> > I want to colour up the graphs, the incoming and the outgoing Value.
> > What Option do I have to use?
> > I have read about the "Colours Option", but i don't know really what to
> > do...
> > (What colour to use for incoming, outgoing an the graph itsself...)
> Sorry - my english is not the best...i meant of course the background of
> the graph...and not for the html-page...
> So what's the Option for the Background-Colour of the Graph itsself?
> Huh?!?!?
> You want to change the colours but you do not know which colours
> to use?
> Well,  you could just try a few combinations and see if you like
> them.  There are many pages on the internet describing common
> pitfalls and useable colour combinations (BTW, try the american
> spelling without the "u" i.e. color).
> Of course, red on red would be stupid.  Orange on red will also
> be problematic.  IMHO the default of green (#00CC00) and
> blue (#0000FF) on white aren't too bad...
> Alex

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