[mrtg] Re: MRTG/RRDTOOL performance hit

Greg.Volk at edwardjones.com Greg.Volk at edwardjones.com
Tue Dec 2 17:24:08 MET 2003

}now the box takes along time to respond to me over ssh. Even doing a
}directory change sputters and lags.
}Also when I go to the mrtg-rrdtool cgi it takes a long time to make the
}I have the graphs split into groups to make smaller pages/graphs.
}Is there any way to improve mrtg/rrdtool performance ? What 
}memory/cpu is
}really needed to do this kind of monitoring ?
A 450MHz x86 box will be pretty slow at generating graphs. I try
to avoid anything less than 1GHz (x86) when building a system that 
will be doing dynamic graph generation. If you want to stick with 
this hardware and won't be adding very many targets, then you may 
want to abandon RRDtool mode and use the old logfile-style system 
with rateup (I can't believe I said that). Before you do that, you 
may want to try 14all.cgi, it probably won't make a speed difference, 
but it's worth a shot if your only alternative is logfile mode.

My suggestion would be to find a faster system to run it on, or
at least to run the mrtg-rrd.cgi script on (you could nfs mount 
the .rrd directories if you _really_ want to use the 450MHz system
as a poller-only-box). 
In my experience, MRTG with dynanmic graph generation coexists quite
nicely with other applications on the same server. For instance, take 
my system at http://mrtg.gvolk.com. Click on Switch -> All Targets. 
It'll spit out 28 index graphs in about 10 seconds. That system also 
handles the following applications:
two apache instances, sendmail, two snort IDS processes, NAT (for a 
small network), smbd/nmbd, dnrd, and mysqld. It's a 1.5GHz Athlon 
with a half gig of memory and some cheap IDE disks.

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